Frequently Asked Question

1Does Mahalleh Exchange accept credit cards as a method of payment?
Mahalleh Exchange does not accept payment via credit card. Customers can pay with cash, debit card (Canadian banks only), or bank draft payable to Mahalleh Exchange.
2Does Mahalleh Exchange accept debit card as a method of payment?
No, we don't have POS machine.
3Does Mahalleh Exchange cash Traveller's cheques (Canadian or Foreign) ?
Mahalleh Exchange does not cash Traveller's cheques of any currency.
4Does Mahalleh Exchange accept foreign drafts for exchange?
Mahalleh Exchange is not able to accept any foreign drafts because of strict compliance regimes around the world. We are able to receive electronic transfers in many foreign currencies. Please contact us for the currencies available and banking details.
5Does Mahalleh Exchange accept 3rd party CAD cheques?
Mahalleh Exchange does not accept 3rd party CAD cheques.
6Does Mahalleh Exchange buy or sell foreign coins?
Mahalleh Exchange does not buy or sell foreign coins.
7Does Mahalleh Exchange buy gold or silver jewelry?
Mahalleh Exchange does not buy jewelry.
8Is Mahalleh Exchange open on the weekends?
Our Coquitlam branche is open on Saturday from 9:30am - 3pm PT.
9Do I need to provide identification when I transact with Mahalleh Exchange?
Yes, the government issued picture identification is required.